CAPTAIN MARVEL Star Samuel L. Jackson Casually Reminds Us That Nick Fury Was Always A Badass In New Featurette

by Franco

Let the countdown begin. Marvel has released multiple TV spots reminding us that just it’s just five more days until Captain Marvel is introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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With just five days to go, Marvel Studios has released a new featurette and multiple TV Spots hyping the upcoming release of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel hits rewind on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, taking us back to the ’90s to see where it all began. This is before the Infinity War, before The Avengers initiative. As the always-smooth Samuel L. Jackson states in the latest featurette, it’s before Nick Fury donned his signature eye patch. The movie will introduce us to a Nick Fury that has only just started his career, and he’s about to have the craziest day of his life. 

Up until now, fans have only seen Nick Fury as the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. While he lacks that extraterrestrial experience in Captain Marvel, Jackson casually reminds us in the featurette, “Fury was already the coolest motherf… guy in the universe.”

In addition to the featurette, Marvel has released multiple new TV spots counting down the days until Captain Marvel makes her big debut and hits the big screen. The first video was released on the Marvel Studios YouTube channel, while the second was actually spotted on Instagram as a “Sponsored Ad.” Both are equally impressive, though.

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